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What Happens to Our Skin When We Moisturize?

How the Skin Barrier Responds to Synthetics

In the ideal case, our skin will be nourished, with the substances which keep our skin barrier together. For example, ingredients found in natural oils/fats (lipids), moisturizing ingredients, and ceramides. Our skin is getting more resistant against pollutants, is healthier and more glowing.

However, be aware, nowadays a lot of synthetic oils and fats are going to be used, like mineral oils or silicones. These ingredients are strangers to the skin; that’s why they cannot be a part of our protective skin barrier.

If we are using moisturizers with synthetic oils, we only can seal the stratum corneum. On the one hand, it is not bad because pollutants cannot penetrate the skin and water cannot evaporate. However, on the other hand, our skin barrier will never find its natural strength.

Under the synthetic seal, our natural skin barrier will be weakened, which results in the need of reapplying moisturizers over and over again. Only a healthy skin barrier can prevent us from skin diseases and moisture loss.

Two Rules for Beautiful Skin

  1. Support your skin in its natural function with natural oils instead of silicone and mineral oils.

  2. Less is more. Avoid long skin cleaning rituals. They could strip away essential moisture and could weaken the skin barrier.

Natural skin care is all about balance. Understanding your skin type and making a conscious choice to apply beautiful, natural ingredients to help your skin be the best it possibly can be is the first step in having truly beautiful skins everyone raves about.

If you’re having trouble with either dry skin or dehydrated skin and need help finding the right moisturizer, CNC botanics can help you find the right natural skin care product that will address your unique, individualized needs. Check out ourcustomized skin care collections